We live in a very fast time where the day does not seem more than 24 hours, we are bombarded every minute by a flood of information that makes us more and more anxious. This evolution of the media beyond stifling us, also give us full awareness that we have reached the age of anxiety. If the challenge was to keep people well informed, the challenge today is to keep all the information in place and to get you through the anxiety.


We are so well informed that it is easy to identify the symptoms of anxiety and that you need to look for something to get you through anxiety. If you have ever felt the symptoms of anxiety like: Insomnia, fear, constant concerns, lack of concentration, insecurity, irritability, obsession and high degree of sadness, tachycardia, difficulty breathing, sweating, abdominal pain, fatigue, dizziness and muscle tremors; you have ever thought you need to overcome anxiety.

All the people in some part of your life have already had an anxiety crisis, this is normal, having a certain expectation of things that will happen can make our lives more exciting and even give us some measure of hope. The problem is when excessive anxiety begins to disrupt some aspect of our life as at work or even our relationship as other people.

If this happens to you it is time to seek help to overcome anxiety. But this also becomes a problem for most people who may not know the best treatment to seek. For those seeking help to make them overcome anxiety it is not always possible to know the causes behind the anxiety attacks, which makes it harder to explain what you are feeling to the people around you.

As time passes these crises become more intense and difficult to control causing people to develop other worse disorders such as panic syndrome.


At first an anxiety crisis may seem minimal, few people can identify that in a short time they will have more serious problems because of anxiety. That’s why it’s good to watch for signs and look for treatment as soon as it’s identified. People of all ages can suffer from anxiety attacks, from schoolchildren to old people who suffer from health problems can suffer greatly from problems with anxiety.

That’s why people around you have an important role in helping others and also supere a ansiedade. But the main help for you to overcome anxiety is to look for ways to teach you how to manage your fears, which is the beginning for you to overcome anxiety.

You need not continue to suffer from the evil of the century anxiety. One of the greatest reference on the study of the behavior of human thought in Brazil, Augusto Cury, explains in his book “Anxiety” that thinking too much is like a bomb. Surely you do not want to carry a bomb ready to explode in your head, overcome anxiety and have a more satisfying life.

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